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I was sick of bot spam, and I post seldom enough that I doubt it will be a very big deal, but I'm locking up for now. Fret not, though! If you don't have an LJ and wish to find me, I am a few other places, including but not limited to:

Tumbler - wrestlethethistles
Plurk - prettiestwhistles
Shelfari - Ammmy
Flickr - theatricAL03

And feel free to comment or PM me if you need to get in touch.
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A fanfic rec and a small batch of picspam

So first, the rec. The Servant's Master is a Yuletide fic about Thomas Beckett and Henry II that is fabulously evocative and well-written. Slash, but nothing more than PG-13. Go, go read. (I've discovered, apparently, that RPF only bothers me if the people involved are still alive. Go figure.)

Also, I saw There Will Be Blood today. I'm too lazy to post a full review, but if you want it, ask. I'd say, on the whole, worth seeing, but no need to run to the theater.

Alright, so today was freakishly cold. Single digits cold. And as most of our house is poorly insulated, the windows were covered in frost and condensation. And it inspired me to take pictures. So... here they are.

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Yuletide Recs

I was holding off on a post, because frankly, I have not read even a quarter of what I've intended to read yet. It'll probably take me until March to catch up, so this may be the first of several posts. BUT I wanted to get a few of my favorites out of the way before the reveal. Everything I've read is quite impressive; these have stuck with me most.

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