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The ubiquitous Yuletide rec post

Because everyone is doing them, and I just spent the morning fiddling around on the site, reading stories.

8 Tracks and Razor Blades. (Burn Notice) A really clever look at a younger Michael Weston, complete with instructive voice-overs. This was one of my favorite stories I've read so far this Yuletide.

Reaction Mechanism. (Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog) Both a sequel and a prequel at once. I love this version of Billy's origins.

The Ballad of Penny Peabody. (Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog) The author situates Penny in a real world complexity, while not moving away from the givens of the canon. Sweet and a bit sad.

Brotherly. (The Dresden Files) I am totally going to stalk this author after the reveal. This story has great plot, great characterization, and a pitch perfect sense of humor. Thomas and Harry spend Christmas together, and of course, it's less than peaceful.

His Father's Sword. (The Dresden Files) A perfect little gem of a Daniel Carpenter piece, set post-Small Favor.

Always Time for a Good Conversation. (Gargoyles) This reads like it could be the start of a canon episode. Elisa and Goliath centric, though there are a lot of guest appearances. Owen and Xanatos made me especially happy. Great stuff.

Paradise. (The Princess Bride, movie) Fezzik and Inigo, post-movie. This made me laugh aloud, and go "aw," by turns. Lovely.

All Change. (Tin Man) A little window on Cain and DG post-series, deft in its understated qualities. A great beginning of an ever-after of sorts.

Really Awkward Adulterous Lesbian Sex Is Still Better Than No Sex at All. (Twelfth Night) A possible epilogue to the play (in prose). It looks at the ending with a very modern eye, in some ways, and is sort of dark, under its fluff. I love Olivia and Sebastian's relationship here, warped as it may be in some ways.

Good stuff this year. I'm sure there are dozens I haven't gotten to yet, as well, but bravo to these mystery writers.

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