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Sometimes Things Happen

and sometimes I write them down...

19 July
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My pen is +5 against swords, fool.

Where did all those stylish shirts Amy wears come from, hm?

"A spicy meatball for our pasty friend."

"Je t'attends, et t'attendre c'est t'aimer; tu me manques déjà, avant même de t'avoir rencontrée; je survis grâce à l'attente, même si c'est un morceau de ciel déchiré, une étoffe épaisse incrustée d'étoiles."
-Tahar Ben Jelloun

"But the mingled reality and mystery of the whole show, the influence upon me of the poetry, the lights, the music, the company, the smooth stupendous changes of glittering and brilliant scenery, were so dazzling, and opened up such illimitable regions of delight, that when I came out into the rainy street, at twelve o'clock at night, I felt as if I had come from the clouds, where I had been leading a romantic life for ages, to a bawling, splashing, link-lighted, umbrella-struggling, hackney-coach-jostling, patten-clicking, muddy, miserable world." - David Copperfield

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Sagramore/Molly/Courfeyrac is pansexual panfandom love.

by mhari